Remi is a very active and intelligent golden brindle Whippet/terrier mix who is one year old and weighs around 40 pounds. Being part Whippet, she is quite the athlete and would make a terrific agility dog.  She can also jump several feet off the ground to catch a frisbee or ball. In addition, Remi loves to run long distance, so if you want a running buddy, she would be perfect.   She is going to need a home with a yard and six foot wooden fence.  Remi loves  going to the dog park to run, but in a home would do best with a male dog. Because she is so energetic, we would suggest she not be in a home with small children.

However, Remi is extremely loving and enjoys cuddling a lot.    If you are looking for a smart, loyal, active and loving dog, who is also kennel and potty trained, then Remi may be the dog for you. To meet Remi, please contact

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