Help give Cici a great life!

GAP was contacted to help this sweet young baby, Luciana aka CiCi. As you can see from the x-ray, CiCi had two bad breaks, and needed surgery. CiCi was left in a box near an emergency vet clinic in Euless with a note saying “hurt leg, no money, please help!” The emergency vet called the Euless Shelter, and the shelter called GAP. We said, “Yes!, We will help!” We then contacted our rescue vet, The Animal Clinic and Hospital of Arlington. Keli, clinic manager, said get her over here ASAP, and Dr. Riley agreed to do the surgery. The cost of the surgery is estimated to be around $1500 plus after care. You can help CiCi by donating to GAP on Giving Day, supporting our Trinity GAP Pet Fair, or making a donation through Paypal: CiCi came through her surgery with a great prognosis for a full recovery. This little Shih Tzu mix is only 7 pounds, but she is a super tough dog! Thank you all for your support!